1 December 2016

I was getting worried..........

Given that I will have a busy social diary over the festive season, I was really worried that I might not have the right shoes for stepping out. Then I saw this article and realised that my worries were over.

The article observes:
With the appeal of conspicuous consumption waning, Buscemi and like-minded brands are emphasizing the uniqueness of well-made products, and the value of providing an experience for today's luxury consumer.
"Buscemi is an incredibly smart combination of modern and traditional luxury," says Ana Andjelic, senior vice president and global strategy director at Havas LuxHub, a consulting firm specializing in the luxury sector.
"He provides ammunition for one's lifestyle and creates culture codes -- versus status symbols -- that express certain tastes. Luxury today is less about having money to buy something expensive, and more about having taste to know what to buy."

Aha, now I get it, conspicuous consumption is on the wane and proof is in this pair of $132,000 trainers. Aren't you relieved?