7 December 2016

So will Trump 'drain the swamp' or will he jump across it?

When America voted for 'President Trump' they seemed to be voting for someone who they believed would burst the 'Washington bubble'. Today, I wonder if they think that their man will actually do that or have they actually put the fox in the chicken coop?

When voting for Trump, as opposed to Clinton, the voters seemed to believe that they needed someone who was 'their' representative rather than a career politician. By extension, they also seemed to believe that Trump would make decisions in their favour rather than in favour of Washington and Washington lobbyists. But, whilst they seemed to want a businessman in the Presidency, they seem to have ignored that, being a dealmaker, Trump may well bring the perspective of a businessman to his decision making. Is Trump actually going to make decisions which favour the ordinary voter and which are damaging to business more generally.

Trump's latest comments about the cost of Boeing's new 'Airforce One' are a case in point. Yes, a budget, which could reach $4bn, is eye-watering for two airplanes but, when he is fully informed, will Trump cancel the project? Will Trump go up against the military-industrial complex which has a track record of going over-budget on most projects and which has powerful friends 'in the swamp' who are all members of the Republican Party.

It will be interesting to find out what Trump actually meant when he referred to 'draining the swamp' and it will be equally interesting to see how he enacts that promise and if the voters feel that he is still 'their man'.