29 November 2016

An email to Eric Bristow

Mr Bristow,

I read with great disappointment your comments in relation to the abuse scandal which is coming to light in professional football. Speaking as someone who, as a boy, watched the rector of our school target the more vulnerable pupils, I am all too aware how damaging and long-lasting his actions were.

Given the comments that have been attributed to yourself, it is unsurprising that abused individuals would remain silent, about their experiences, in their adult lives. If your comments have been reported accurately, they make you complicit in the abuse in that your attitude decreases the chance of the abuse ever being publicised. 

I hope that you will reconsider your comments, possibly by apologising to the courageous individuals who have had the courage to speak out. You might also thank them for making the abuse public so that other youngsters might now be saved from the same experiences. 

Yours sincerely, 

Niall Connolly