17 November 2016

Another butt-plug

Its best to try and maintain some sort of perspective when considering current events and, certainly over the last couple of months, a sense of perspective has been something of a necessity. Brexit was a bit of a shock although the cavortings of the various interested parties has lent an air of farce to the proceedings. And now we have Trump in the White House which is following the Brexit template and providing plenty of entertainment, even if the idea itself is somewhat disturbing. Oddly, one common element between the two has been the presence of Homer Simpson, otherwise known as Nigel Farage, who seems to be determined to hitch his wagon, and that of his comrades, to Trump's unreality show. But, again, this is just an echo of the behaviour of Bliar's seeking a relationship with Dubya and maybe Farage will fulfil the same purpose. I can't think of a better candidate.

Lets hope that when the Republicans decide to do away with The Donald, Farage isn't at his side or he may become collateral damage. But there again.................