1 October 2009

A Cry for Help

Once again I have heard that some members of the online community in Somerton have difficulty finding M&B. Search engines can be tricky and its easy to find yourself facing 1,235,950 hits when you search for something like MuckandBrass so, if you know anyone who is having difficulty finding the blog, please pass this information along to them.

When you type the web address into your browser you can use either of two forms:
www.muckandbrass.blogspot.com or http://muckandbrass.blogspot.com/

You can also find the blog via a search engine (I use Google) by searching for the following:

niall connolly muck and brass

The image above shows you what the search window will look like in Google. Make sure you select the 'web search' option rather than the 'UK pages only'.

This search in Google should get you straight to hits for the blog and you can get the same result by Googling for:
somerton town council muck and brass
tin dunny muck and brass

Please pass this information along to anyone who is part of the online community because now, more than ever, its important to allow as many members of the community access to the widest range of views. With the upcoming election it would be good to show the current Council that there is a concerned local community who wants its voice heard.

Muck&Brass supports and promotes local democracy in Somerton, something that Somerton Council never do.

See you down the ballot box.