30 September 2009

Timetable of intimidation

Recently M&B was asked about the events surrounding a car being torched and windows being smashed and it made an interesting exercise to lay these events out as a chronology. Here it is:

17th February - NC makes first visit to STC offices to review documents

16th March - NC makes second visit to STC offices to review documents

23rd April - NC makes third visit to Council offices to review documents

11th May - NC publishes Canvin invoice on www.muckandbrass.blogspot.com

16th May 2:00am - car torched in Mount Hey

21st May - Calderwood cancels 4th visit to STC

22nd May - NC makes first official Freedom of Information enquiry

22nd June - NC makes second official Freedom of Information enquiry

23rd June - STC meeting, Keenan invites abuse of NC, 08:00pm - 08:15pm

29th June - NC attends Council offices for pre-arranged document review but offices locked

3rd July - NC writes to external auditor indicating general terms of objection to STC accounts

13th July - NC makes third official Freedom of Information enquiry

8th August - windows smashed at 2 Mount Hey

Nothing untoward had ever happened at Mount Hey in the 30 years prior to the 16th of May 2009. It is fair to say that what has happened at Mount Hey since 16th May 2009 may be entirely coincidental in its relationship to my enquiries regarding Somerton Town Council and its affairs. But I'm not the only person who wonders if you can stretch coincidence quite that far.

Till next time, may your election promises come true.