3 October 2009

A councillor's reply - Somerton style

With the imminent election for the vacancy on Somerton Town Council, M&B thought it would be a good idea to find out what the candidates believe in or stand for. Its easy for someone to say that they want 'change' but its good to know what they think that might mean. In an effort to better understand the candidate's views, M&B presented each of them with 10 questions which, hopefully, might give some indication of how the candidates might behave if they were elected. The result of this 'virtual hustings' will be published on the blog in the week preceding the election.

But then M&B got to thinking. Why should these questions be limited to just the current candidates? Wouldn't it be an equally good idea to offer the existing councillors that chance to answer exactly the same questions? So M&B delivered or posted the same questions to each of the current members of Somerton Town Council and today's post contained one councillor's response, a photograph of which is below.

The envelope contained some shredded paper and, in the age old tradition of enquiry, it seemed a good idea to see if it was possible to reassemble the document and establish the identity of the sender. It didn't take long to find out that the councillor who sent this had gone to some trouble to remain anonymous.

What they had done was to photocopy the original, cut off the name and salutation, shred the rest, put it in an envelope and send it back. Sly, don't you think?

So, apart from refusing to answer legitimate questions from a member of the community, this so called 'elected representative' has, by their deceitful action, thrown suspicion onto their fellow councillors because any one of them could have done this. And this person may also use the original document in some future fabricated response in order to further confuse the situation.

Its only a pity that this councillor reserves such efforts for activities like this instead of delivering transparency and accountability to the taxpayers of Somerton. Maybe they'd also like to shred Somerton's votes.

Till next time, may your God keep you safe from cowards.