4 September 2009

Home thoughts from abroad

Right now I'm on holiday and its given me some time to think about the sordid events in Somerton. What I've experienced is just small town politics. Somerton is a very small pool with a few fish whose egos have become a bit inflated. The Town Council does a pretty poor job and I'm going to be interested to see what transpires from enquiries into the Behind Berry crossing fiasco. That could well be just another illustration of how the Town Council misrepresents itself and, if that is the case, it will be interesting to see an explanation of Cllr Keenan's public statements on the subject. Equally, it will be interesting to see whose signature is on the letters to Somerset County Council. At least the County Council respects the Freedom of Information Act.

Whatever the outcome, the fact is that the membership of the Council is complicit in the activities of the Council and I don't really understand how Councillors can sit on their hands doing absolutely nothing. Somerton Town Council is Somerton's Town Council, not Somerton's Business Association's Town Council. When are Somerton's Town Councillors going to wake up and start representing the whole of the electorate?

Till next, pray that my God looks after me.