11 September 2009

A message to you Rudy..............

How do you communicate with someone? Use the phone? Write a letter? Send an email? Drop round their place and chuck stones through their windows? Which method would a "good citizen" use? Probably not the latter so that means that the three scum-bags who came round and hurled stones through my windows probably weren't the "good citizens" so beloved of Cllr Martyn Smith.

But there again, maybe these scum-bags are Cllr Smith's storm-troopers, the enforcers of Cllr Smith's brave new world of 'insiders'. And, given that he made his cute little speech in the middle of a Somerton Town Council meeting, maybe these scum-bags represent Somerton Town Council. Maybe they cut Cllr Beale's grass, maybe they do Cllr Keenan's perm, maybe they lick Cllr Canvin's toe-caps. Who knows what scum like these people get up to on their days off from the abattoir but counting beyond their fingers won't be one of them.

So, having got over the shock and disappointment (and noting the almost complete absence of awe) its time for me to get back in harness. Maggie Thatcher was never my favourite person but I have to give the old girl her due - she didn't blink and I've decided to take a page out of her book.

Till next time,


PS To the many people who have communicated their support, here's to you.