24 August 2009

In harms way

After the events of the last couple of weeks, I've been giving some serious thought to the future. It has occurred to me to ask myself if I really want to carry on putting myself in what now is, quite clearly, 'harms way'. The answer has to be 'No' but I have to admit some surprise that my observations, lampooning and criticism of Somerton Town Council, its Councillors and its staff should have elicited such a violent response.

On consideration, there is clearly a lot at stake and, from the documents that I have seen, Cllr Canvin has a very big investment in the maintenance of the status quo.

By comparison, my own investment is oblique to say the least. I'd like to see Somerton with a Town Council which reflects the will of the community. I'd like to see Somerton with a Town Council that actively seeks the participation of the whole community. I'd like to see Somerton with a Town Council of which the community can be proud. There are, quite certainly, good people in the community and they need to step up and do for the community what the current Town Council has so manifestly failed to do - serve the community. It is easy to threaten and intimidate one person but rather harder to threaten and intimidate a whole community.

I'd like to think that I have made a contribution and only time will tell. I most sincerely hope I have. But the threat of violence, the intimidation and the willingness on the part of some to indulge in thuggery causes me to put the safety of my family first.

I've enjoyed writing this blog and maybe there is someone, maybe a group of people, from Somerton who would like to carry it on.

Till the next time, may your God watch over you, protect you and keep you from harm.