15 August 2009

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has sent their good wishes (and flowers). Its comforting to know that there are those within the community who don't support the thuggery and intimidation that now seems to be associated with Somerton Town Council.

Whether the wider community agrees or disagrees with the views expressed in this blog, the information provided to the External Auditor is all based upon fact, backed with documentary evidence. In the light of that evidence, I believe that the community of Somerton has been very badly let down by its Town Council and its Town Clerk.

Few quotations seem more appropriate to Somerton and to Somerton's Town Council than that attributed to Edmund Burke: "For evil to triumph all that is required is for good men and women to do nothing".

For some years, the Council has been dominated by Cllrs Keenan and Canvin, supported by Cllrs Webber, Beale, Deering, Smith (D), Morgan, Medley and Smith (M). Against that coven, there is little chance of the community's voice being heard.

As I have always said, the community of Somerton needs to decide on its priorities. Somerton Town Council has been spending the Community's money and doing so with scant reference to the Community. Its up to the Community to decide whether or not it wants this situation to continue. Do not expect Somerton Town Council to change direction on its own. Cllrs Keenan and Canvin are not, overnight, going to discover humility.

May your God look over you.