Public documents

Q2 - Contemporaneous record of SCHSG
meeting - 27th November 2006

Q6 - Extract from STC Minutes
18th December 2007

Q7 - STC Budget Letter pt1

Q7 - STC Budget Letter pt2

Q7 - STC Budget 2008/2009

Q8 - Petition from 8 Councillors

Q10 - Edgar Bid for land and tender for hall

Q10 - Brookvale bid for land

Q10 - Brookvale tender for hall

Q10 - West of England bid for land and tender for hall

Q11 - Consent for hall to be built on playing fields

Q12 - Restrictive covenant pt1

Q12 - Restrictive covenant pt 2

Q13 - Etsome site analysis
Q13 - Etsome site areas by percentage

Question 14 - documents to follow