4 July 2016

News from Somerton.........

Muck & Brass started off (in 2006) commenting on the activities of the then Somerton Town Council, particularly with regard to the various proposals to provide  a 'community hall' for the town. That story is extensively covered elsewhere in this blog but some aspects of the story live on today and my attention has been drawn to two of these: the proposed demolition of the now redundant doctor's surgery and the development of the Badgers Cross Industrial Estate.

With regard to the redundant doctor's surgery, I understand that it is now proposed to demolish the building and turn the site into additional car parking in the centre of the town. The surgery building was purchased in 2003 (with a loan from the Public Works Loan Board) and it is to be assumed that the District Council's purchase of the site will compensate the community of Somerton for their investment in the original purchase.

Regarding Badgers Cross, on 29th November 2009 I considered the implications of the then proposed relocation of Somerton's recycling site (at Bancombe Road) to a new site at Badgers Cross. From information available on South Somerset District Council's website, Badgers Cross is well on the way to becoming the predicted Bancombe Road Mk2, the major difference between 2009 and 2016 being that the taxpayer is not going to fund the infrastructure for the project.