28 June 2016

Bridging the gulf..........

The current distasteful spectacle of the Parliamentary Labour Party tearing itself apart is the best illustration that I can see of the gulf between Westminster and the rest of the country.

Jeremy Corbyn was elected to lead the Labour Party and by a huge margin of the Labour Party membership. However, it was immediately apparent that, whilst Jeremy won the popular vote, the Parliamentary Party were clearly not on his side. Today, 9 months after his election, Corbyn faces a vote of no confidence within the Parliamentary Labour Party, a vote which he will inevitably lose and which will then trigger a leadership election which will probably go exactly the way the last one went leading to Corbyn, again, being re-elected as party leader. And this process is likely to be repeated, ad infinitum, until everyone dies of boredom.

What is clear is that the PLP are out of touch with their constituents, probably to a greater degree than Tory MPs, but out of touch none-the-less and they need to address that issue. But, like the Tory party, MPs are selected by institutional  organisations which exist within the Westminster bubble and that is the problem for every political aspirant in this country.

Until the Westminster bubble is burst (along with the Square Mile bubble and the M25 bubble) business will continue as usual with carping, whining, mud slinging and the promotion of the interests well able to look after themselves.

Our Parliamentary Democracy was meant to represent the interests of the whole of the country not just the interests of those lucky enough to have access to and influence within those three bubbles.