26 April 2012

.....to tell me a story

If you have read today’s edition of the Western Gazette, you will see that M&B has asked a number of questions about the conduct of the Etsome Terrace/Unit 8 Cary Court transaction. The documents relating to those questions are available on the sidebar to the right. M&B has also invited anyone with documented answers to those questions to send them to M&B for publication. But that’s not the only invitation that M&B has made.

In last week’s Western Gazette Tony Canvin placed what he described as a sarcastic apology where he said that his explanations were being ignored. He also claimed to possess documents which explain the Etsome/Cary Court transaction. So, yesterday, I wrote to Tony and invited him to meet with me in order that I can listen to his explanations and see the documents that he possesses. I also provided Tony with a list of questions which I hope he will be able to answer, with documentation.

M&B will publish Tony’s explanations and the documents that Tony claims to possess. Obviously, M&B expects that the documents that Tony refers to will be contemporaneous documents, not post rationalisations.

Over to you, Tony.

Till next time, I’m still Niall Connolly