12 January 2012

Look out, look out, the mole's about

Muck and Brass was unsurprised by the latest shock announcement that, wait for it, there's a mole somewhere in Somerton Town Council. Forgive me for saying but that Council has been a leaky ship since  January 2010 when the new Council was elected. The SOGGIES (Somerton Old Guard) have remained very well informed about the internal workings of the Council and it has been clear that someone has divided loyalties. From the reporting of events, it would seem that the mole is very happy to hand out documents to their SOGGY mates in order to assist the ongoing vendetta against the current Chair and the leadership of the Council.

In response to the publicity surrounding the presence of the pesky little critter, M&B has decided to offer a prize for the best, most creative idea for the identity of the mole. The best suggestion received by M&B in the next couple of weeks will receive a bottle of very cheap sherry.

Entries to the usual email address.