12 November 2010

What to make of it.......

So, Somerton's electorate, or 25% of it at least, have spoken and they chose a new face to join the Town Council. It would be easy to draw conclusions with regard to that choice but it might be that the best candidate won and the best candidate lost.

Since October of 2009, Somerton Town Council has pretty much been about 'renewal' and the new Town Council have been faced with a mountain to climb regarding the (still) ongoing investigation into the accounts and practices of the old Town Council. On top of that, everyone now faces the drastic cuts that are being imposed by Somerset County Council so funding is going to be in desparately short supply and the new Town Council is going to face even more challenges.

As I stood in the Wessex Rooms last eveing awaiting the results I had time to consider the two candidates and something that Brian Raybould said stuck in my mind. Explaining why he stood for election, he observed that the last time around he had been co-opted onto the Council and he felt that gaining election through the ballot box had more credibility. Its therefore something of a shame that Brian would go the extra mile only to loose but I did say that maybe the best candidate lost and by that I meant that being a Councillor can be a double-edged sword.

Brian has a reputation for being a volunteer and his skills have been deployed around the town to the benefit of the community.