10 November 2010

Its decision time......again

I'd encourage everyone who can vote in Somerton's latest election to get out there and put their cross on the piece of paper. And remember, contrary to the views of the 'old guard' your responsibility doesn't stop there. Get involved with the Town Council beyond the ballot box. Just imagine how things would change if everyone gave 2 hours a month to the community. Lets imagine that 1/3rd of the population of Somerton were able to give 2 hours per month, that would mean 1500 x 2 = 3000 person hours and divide that by 8 gives you 375 person days of work a month to be deployed to help the community and the town. Can you imagine how much could be achieved if that sort of resource was available to the town. It would be the equivalent of 10 townsfolk doing an 8 hour day, each and every day for the Town. Is 2 hours a month too much to ask?

And before anyone says it, I'm up for it. Who do I call. What's the number of the volunteer hotline?

See you at the polling booth.