5 May 2010

There's a change a comin'.............

.....or not as is far more likely.

Here we are, standing almost on the very edge of yet another electoral farce where everyone claims to want to bring change yet none of them have any intention of changing anything, or at least anything significant.

Its probably not fair to call politicians 'liars' because, from their viewpoint, they probably believe all the garbage that they spout. But from my viewpoint, they are liars because, outside the boundaries of an election, they all know that they can't change anything significant. Brown, Cameron and Clegg are all fully paid up members of the political establishment. They've paid their dues, received favours and done all the things that they needed to do to clamber up the greasy pole and now they are there, its time to pay off those favours. The poor, the dispossessed, the disenfranchised, they don't have any favours to grant so they won't get anything from their politicians over and above the bare minimum that our society defines as decency. But the bankers, the industrialists, the venture capitalists, the fund managers, the press barons, now they do have favours to grant and they don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it because they want something.

So, sometime in the next few days, one of our three musketeers will step forward and form a government and then the great pay-off will start. The favours will be called in and the gravy train will rumble off on its merry way, just as always. No change there then.