2 May 2010


A friend alerted me to an article from the Daily Torygraph dated 14th April and written by Liz Hunt. Its a cracker and I thought that it would be worth sharing.

It's time to gently insert the stiletto
I would like to dedicate this item to the inhabitants of Somerset, writes Liz Hunt.

I would like to dedicate this item to the inhabitants of Somerset. The denizens of that happy county are lucky to have two blue-blooded Tory candidates – Jacob Rees-Mogg and his sister Annunziata – vying to represent them in the neighbouring seats of Somerset North East and Somerton and Frome respectively.

But because Jacob and Annunziata are very posh and the Tory party is trying very hard not to be, their campaign has to be low key. So low key, in fact, that a journalist who went in search of the siblings this week failed to spot either on the stump (although there was an alleged sighting of Ms Rees-Mogg in the butcher's).

I know little of Jacob, other than legend has it he fought a seat in Central Fife in 1997, touring the streets in a Bentley with his nanny handing out leaflets. But Annunziata – Nancy Mogg to the plebs – once worked at the Telegraph and I am happy to give what assistance I can to her campaign by sharing this arresting shot of feet shod in £440 satin and chiffon Louboutins. They're Nancy's feet – yes, really! Three years ago, Ms Rees-Mogg conducted an investigation into the rigours of life in high heels, concluding that such shoes "are designed only for those with chauffeurs – or for the bedroom". Enjoy, good folk of Somerton and Frome. It might be the most you see of your candidate before May 6.

The message here is clear - Annunziata's idea of 'cleaning up politics' will be to make sure that everyone is well dressed.

Till next time, I'm Niall Connolly