9 January 2010

Time to drop the anonymity.......

I've been writing this blog for over three years now and, right from the start, I've written it under my own name and I have never sought to hide who I am and what I believe in. I switched on the 'comment' facility in May of 2009 and since that time the majority of 'comments' have been made anonymously. Now I understand why people might wish to comment anonymously, especially in the atmosphere generated by the old guard administration under Messers Keenan&Canvin.

But the fact is that we have a new Council with a lot of new faces and many of them are untainted with the sort of baggage that bedevilled the old Council. And we expect open-ness and transparency from our Council and maybe its time that we stopped commenting anonymously. People need to stand up and be counted.

Speaking personally, I thought a lot about writing this blog before I started and, in the end, I beleved that, to have any credibility, I had to make myself accountable. Everone knows who I am and its not too difficult to find out where I live (as the local thugs know). So I'd ask everyone who uses the comment facility to consider putting their name to what they say. In truth, I don't expect my critics to be honest and open about themselves but those members of the community who believe in the community need to start networking. Finding other like-minded souls and making connections. Saying your name in public is another way of voting for the open and transparent Council that we want.

Think about it. Step up.

Till next time, I'm Niall Connolly