8 January 2010

The Result

The following candidates were successful in seeking election to Somerton Town Council (votes cast are shown in brackets):

Paul Anthony Austin (720)
Shane Broom (550)
Margaret Ruth Chambers (855)
Pauline Clarke (990)
Jane Cook (782)
Barrie Thomas Davies (645)
Michael George Fraser-Hopewell (910)
Tony Jotcham (655)
Nancy Georgina Langmaid (815)
Sam Mildon (680)
Sue Standen (718)
Phil Thomas (841)

Based on figures from SSDC, 1,438 electors from an electorate of 3,798, cast a vote. This means that the turn out was 37.86%, up from 31.7% in October. This also means that each elector cast an average of 8.85 votes rather than the 12 votes that they could have cast. For those of you with a statistical mindset, here is a graph showing the votes cast for each candidate and the turn-out compared with last October (single click on the image and it should open into a larger version).Muck&Brass would like to congratulate all these successful candidates and wish them every success in bringing a new age of accountability, transparency and honest representation to the community of Somerton.