3 December 2009

Its an onion.........

The Badger's Cross story keeps on turning up surprises. Another envelope (not brown) dropped through the letterbox a couple of days ago and it contained the letter which is reproduced below.

The heading makes it clear that this is a planning response to a pre-application enquiry regarding moving part of Westcombe Waste's operation to Badger's Cross. The planning response to this enquiry is a categorical 'NO' so why should the latest application be any different? The location is the same. The roads are the same. The use is the same, even to thepoint of now suggesting the inclusion of this facility on the site.

Add to that the fact that Somerton isn't exactly begging for a relocated HWRC and that Somerset Waste Partnership didn't instigate the current application but went along for the ride because the applicant made it financially tasty. Then, of course, there is the fact that sinking £600k of taxpayer's funds into this unecessary installation will divert much needed funds from other locations in Somerset where there is factual need (Frome, Yeovil etc). All of the aforementioned make a good argument for Badger's Cross not happening.

So where is the argument that supports the Badger's Cross application? The answer is simple. It lies in the control of the estate roads at Bancombe Road Industrial Estate.

Till next time, may your God go with you (even to the HWRC).