5 December 2009

A better use of the money

I'm no great supporter of our Afghanistan adventure but the fact is that our armed forces are out there and they deserve at least the same level of support that we have given to our banks and bankers. This got me to thinking about the truly obscene waste of taxpayer's money that is represented by the Tin Dunny and how it could be put to better use, if we had any choice in the matter. How many SA80 rifles (including SUSAT sight) could Somerton provide if it didn't own the Dunny (claimed value £1.3M).

The answer is one thousand, four hundred and ninety four and a quarter (and I hope that they are all there if you manage to count them).

So, if we could choose, which would be of more benefit right now, the Tin Dunny or 1,494.25 SA80 rifles. And the only inconvenience would be that the Town Clerk would have to return to the Parish Rooms and become available once again.

But we don't have the choice, do we?