1 August 2009

Is Somerton Town Council a racist organisation?

The events of 23rd June continue to reverberate, amplified to a great degree by (Cllr) Martyn Smith's statement in the August edition of 'The Viaduct', a publication published by Somerton Town Council. (Cllr) Martyn Smith's statement in that publication, printed under the heading 'Good Citizens', reads more like a Nazi call to arms or an invitation to ethnic cleansing. (Cllr) Martyn Smith seeks to set the bar with regard to acceptability in what he seems to think is his community. (Cllr) Martyn Smith seems to be trying to establish a qualification for participation in what is his view of the community that is Somerton. This proposal is crude and ugly segregation. (Cllr) Martyn Smith is saying that there are those who, judged by his standards, don't have the right to an opinion or a vote in Somerton.

Going back to the Council Meeting on 23rd June when the Chair of the meeting, Cllr H E Keenan, orchestrated the abuse of a member of the public, Cllr Martyn Smith made the original version of his 'why don't they bugger off' rant. The end of his statement drew enthusiastic applause from other members of the Town Council (but not from the audience) and it is now fair to ask how far does agreement with Cllr Martyn Smith's poisonous views reach within Somerton Town Council?

Does Somerton Town Council embrace racist and discriminatory views as a matter of policy? The Chair of Somerton Town Council, Cllr H E Keenan, has already gone on record as supporting a policy of discrimination. How many other members of Somerton's Town Council agree with these ugly and corrupting views. Does the community of Somerton want to be represented by a racist organisation? Equally, shouldn't Somerton's Town Councillors state clearly if they are, or are not, in favour of racism, ethnic cleansing, discrimination and segregation.

Till next time, may your multi-coloured God go with you.