31 July 2009

Praise me and pass the fatwa.........

A carrier pigeon landed on the window ledge a little while ago and I read the note it carried with something approaching incredulity. It suggests that Somerton Town Council will be spending a couple of grand answering questions put to them by the External Auditor.

Now, if my memory serves me correctly, Clive Dyer was on his bended knees recently begging for financial support from Somerton Town Council. He managed to get £1500 but only after about 20 minutes of begging and some support from Jimmy Z. Maybe if the Town Council had offered reasonable access to public documents then they wouldn't find themselves in this position.

So, if that is true, does it constitute a reasonable use of public funds? Well thats an interesting question. If the documents that the member of the public is asking for, if those documents prove that everything at Somerton Town Council is absolutely kosher, then why not just make them available? Why fight it? And, if you fight it for no good reason then the expenditure may not qualify as a good use of public funds. Maybe its even wasteful and unnecessary. And, were that to be the case, then maybe the individuals who take that course of action should be made personally liable for the expenditure.

And on the other side of the note was information about the Fatwa. Evidently Ayatollahs Keenan and Canvin have required all members of the Town Council not to speak to Niall Connolly. It would seem that they are afraid of being misrepresented. Well, here's a suggestion. When a member of the public writes to the Town Council, how about replying in writing? That way the Town Council can put their position down in black and white, without fear of misrepresentation. Or, how about allowing members of the public to record Council meetings? That way, there will be an independent and accurate record of the conduct of events.

But, of course, there is a problem with these proposals - they might make Somerton Town Council accountable and that would never do.

Till next time, may your God go with you.