25 April 2017

Decisions, decisions ............

So, Mrs Maybe decided to take us to the polls again and I face a dilemma, just how do I make my vote count?

I'm a committed european and, in an ideal world, would like to see the UK develop stronger ties with the European Community so a vote for Mrs Maybe isn't on my agenda. But, like many people, I live in a political setting where the urban area would vote to stay but it is set in a wider constituency where the vaguely blue, probably the largest single party, will vote to leave.

Were the other parties, the Greens, Labour and LibDems, to work together, I'm sure that they would be able to overcome the vaguely blues but, I doubt that they could so, Mrs Maybe will divide and conquer.

And I am left to consider the appalling prospect of my vote, however considered, being wasted.