22 January 2017

Size matters

The Inauguration of Trump has been and gone and the subject that Team Trump seem most concerned about is the size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration. Sean Spicer, Trump's Press Rottweiler, gave something of a bravura performance in telling the press in general that they were not telling the truth about the inaugural crowd and it was, in fact, the largest in history.

There doesn't seem to be any 'head count' information but there are photographs and, in my view, these contradict Team Trump. But the important point here is not the comparative size of the crowd but the fact that this seems to be of such great significance. The photographs below have been widely published but I have overlaid the 'Trump Crowd' on top of the 'Obama Crowd' and to a similar scale. This gives a better indication of the difference in size of the two crowds and Team Trump should be thankful that this overlay hasn't been published more widely. (Obama's Inauguration 2009 is on the left.)

Its also most worrying when you consider that Team Trump may be equally willing magnify other things like, for example, the threat posed by Muslims or the threat posed by a free press.