26 June 2016

'Leave' - a very British coup

I have just watched Douglas Carswell talking to Evan Davis on BBC2 on the subject of 'Where do we go after BREXIT?' and his views, if I understood them correctly, suggested that he thinks that we have had an change of government.

When Evan Davis asked him what part the House of Commons would play in the negotiations he seemed to suggest that ALL MPs must follow the party line which would be instructed by the 'Leave' campaign. This position would propose that the referendum has, in fact, created an unelected government, the 'Leave' campaign, and that ALL MPS must follow instructions issued by 'Leave', even where they might represent constituencies which voted 'Stay'.

Carswell went on to explain that the negotiations with the EU must be undertaken only by 'Leave' MPs, i.e. Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and, I would assume, Carswell himself. So, the referendum has been hijacked to serve the interests of the ultra Right and, if anyone thought that leaving the EU was going to make things better, they had better prepare themselves for a shock - its actually going to get worse, much worse.