27 November 2015

Who is out of touch ………..

Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party by a clear majority of those who qualified to vote and his platform was almost the diametric opposite of the other leadership contenders. (If you can't remember their names, they were: Yvette Cooper; Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall.) On that platform, Corbyn attracted almost 60% of the vote and, quite obviously, more votes than the three other candidates put together but, had it been up to Labour MPs, Corbyn would certainly not be Leader today. And this causes me to wonder exactly who is less in touch with the electorate, Corbyn or Labour MPs? On the basis of the Leadership election, Labour MPs (as represented by Burnham, Cooper and Kendall) would not be the popular choice. Similarly, I wonder what would happen were Cameron, Osborne etc put up against a 'conservative' version of Corbyn?

But it doesn't matter because we are about to be taken into yet another 'foreign adventure' by MPs who, I suspect, don't reflect the views of the wider public and who will vilify Corbyn for his opposition.