13 July 2015

The hypocrisy is breath taking.

For the last few weeks we've been presented with the spectacle of the Eurozone leadership beating the shit out of the Greeks. Its just a shame that the selfsame institutions didn't act so tough back in 2007/8. At that time, the banking and financial institutions around the world were about to go down the dumper, all because they had put their own interests before those of the wider global economy. Venality and greed ruled the day and when it all went belly up, what happened? Taxpayers around the world stepped in and bailed them out. Not only that, the people who led the global economy into the mess walked away, usually with millions of £/$'s.

Just to remind you, have a look at the news headlines from the USA in September of 2008  and a review of the UK situation at the same time.

So I watch the cavortings around the Greek crisis and am breath-taken at the hypocrisy of the Eurozone leadership. Obviously its way, way easier to kick the shit out of Greece than it is to jail the idiots, many from the Eurozone itself, who handed Greece the money, with assistance from Goldman Sachs and probably many others.