5 May 2015

Red lines, blah, blah, blah, blah……………...

Our democracy may be the only one we have but it sucks. For the last couple of weeks our revered politicians have been running around the country telling us how much they care about what we think. They tell us how much they want our votes. They tell us how much they share our concerns and worries. And everywhere in this shit-storm of verbal diarrhoea there are 'red-lines'. This is as far as I'll go and no further! Its non-negotiable! Its my red line! What utter bollocks.

After Friday, and once the horse-trading is over, they'll scarper back to Westminster and we won't hear from any of them for another 5 years. They'll do what politicians do, which is that they'll bend us, the electorate, over for their pay-masters. Yes, that's right, the politicians fuck us first then their pay-masters fuck us, followed by anyone else with enough influence. Its rather like the 'Jimmy Savile' scenario but on an industrial scale, if that is possible.

Its a brilliant system if you happen to be Bernie Ecclestone or Roman Abramovich or any number of Sheiks but not too hot if you happen to be anywhere near the bottom of the pile.

That's what so weird about our electoral system, it delivers for the very people who absolutely don't need representation. For the people who actually need representation it does close to fuck all.

Which is why I remain part of the 'none of the above'.