30 March 2015

Another election looms……...

….and I'm already turned off. Cameron slags-off Milliband, Milliband slags-off Cameron, Clegg tries to present himself and the LibDems as some sort of moderating force (if they can get into another coalition), the SNP are sitting back enjoying the fun and Farage has yet to show his hand.

Its difficult to judge the various opposition and minor parties because they don't have any record to judge against but I found it amusing to hear Cameron say that, in the next Conservative administration, they would ensure that the NHS is fully staffed. Obviously it begs the question that, if that is such a priority, why didn't they achieve it in the current (soon to be recent) parliament?

I'm also amused to hear the Conservatives repeating their biggest lie which is that the last Labour administration brought about the 'Age of Austerity'. Forgive me for saying it but wasn't it the banks and the lenders who took most western economies to the brink of disaster and did I hear any politicians warning of the potential disaster ahead? No. So whilst I see them all as being complicit, the Conservatives are the most hypocritical given that the 'interests of capital' are their prime focus and also their paymasters.

So, when it comes time for me to put my cross on the ballot paper I will be voting for 'none of the above'. Some might say that it is my duty to vote by voting for my chosen party but if none of them represent the values and aspirations that I embrace, why should I not express that view?

It is the fundamental failure of our democratic process that there is no option to express dissatisfaction because, in voting for any of the parties under the current system, the voter simply legitimises the status quo. Not a good situation if you want real change.