11 November 2014

Hide in plain sight……..

So the saga of the missing files, all 114 of them, continues at the Home Office. Now we know that the Home Office didn't have a terribly good filing system back in the 1980's and that would seem to be the reason that these pesky files are missing. And the manner in which the filing system was set-up doesn't seem to have helped. And the fact that the current Home Secretary, Ms May, didn't give the Wanless Investigation enough time to look through the hopeless filing system to see if the files had been mis-filed. So it looks like the Wanless investigation was doomed to fail from the start. How terribly convenient.

And then I hear that the Geoffrey Dickens file may have been covered by the Official Secrets Act and, were that to be the case, any retired civil servant would put their pension at risk were they to admit that they had read the files, far less share the contents with anyone.

If Dave (Big Tent) Cameron or Ms May really want to get to the bottom of this odd story, they might just want to declassify any files relating to abuse of any sort. Then maybe someone might step up and spill the beans.