6 July 2014

How dreadfully predictable

So, back in the early 1980s, then MP Geoffrey Dickens hands a file to the then Home Secretary which, it is claimed, details paedophile activity at Westminster i.e. at the heart of our 'democracy'. The implication is that this file referred to MP's or their staff or the staff at the Houses of Parliament. And now we are told that the then Home Secretary handed this file over to a civil servant for consideration and action, or not. And now we are told that nothing ever happened and that the file has either disappeared or been destroyed or cannot be found.

Then we hear that some 100 similar files dating up to 1999 and which, it is assumed, deal with the same subject, have also disappeared or been destroyed or cannot be found.

How convenient.

Do I think that there is some sort of cover-up? Of course I do because this isn't some weird DJ or some eccentric Australian entertainer. This deals with Establishment figures and, even if they are dead, the Establishment, the edifice of the state, would take a serious hit. The MP's Expenses scandal was bad enough. What would happen if the Great British Public was to be informed that, say, MPs had been fiddling with little boys or little girls and claiming expenses for doing so? And what would happen if, like Hillsborough, the Great British Public was to find out that the whole sordid story had been covered-up? No, it is almost certain that there has been a cover-up and I doubt that the facts will ever see the light of day.

To think that just recently there was a public debate about whether or not Britain should be party to the removal of awful dictators. It seems that Britain may just have its very own awful monsters residing at the heart of the Establishment and absolutely nothing will be done to bring them to book. What is it the bible says about paying more attention to the beam in your own eye?