29 April 2014

How did they do that, part 201

I feel sorry for Max Clifford. I didn't really expect a guilty verdict because living abusers, or those living individuals accused of abuse, seem to have a better chance of a 'not guilty' verdict than the dead ones. So I feel a little sorry for Max Clifford mainly because he is reaping a bitter harvest as a consequence of having pissed so many people off in the past.

David Mellor, one of Clifford's earliest tabloid victims, wasn't exactly gloating this morning but he didn't hide his satisfaction at seeing Clifford go down.

Unlike William Roach, Clifford didn't seem to have a parade of worthies ready to stand up and tell the court what a solid, dependable, upright, reliable chap he was. In fact, support for Clifford was notably absent from the start and that was unusual given his celebrity status.

So, in Clifford's case, maybe everyone knew and they decided to stay away and that is, once again, the real tragedy of instances like Clifford and the rest. People knew or if they didn't know then they suspected…………and they did nothing.

Clifford may well be 'guilty as charged' but so is everyone else who stood by and did nothing.