27 April 2014


You have to laugh. Earlier this week we were entertained by George Osborne, you know, the prat who is looking after the economy for his friends in the city, we were entertained by his hugely restrained response to the city wankers at RBS being denied their 200% bonuses. At the same time, we now learn that he won't obstruct similar 200% pay-outs at Lloyds - Osborne's intervention over RBS was cynical and ultimately nonsensical | Business | The Observer

Lets imagine a different scenario - imagine what Osborne would be saying if, say, NHS staff asked for a 3% rise. I'm sure that Osborne would suggest that such a move would be a deathly threat to the 'recovering economy' but the very people who almost destroyed free-market capitalism in 2007/8 get to run away with 200% of their salaries - whilst their employers are being propped up by the taxpayer.

And I'd draw another comparison between city wankers and NHS staff. Say, for example, that I dropped my 200% bonus on my foot and broke a few bones. Where would I go? Probably to A&E where highly trained professionals, operating under huge pressure with less resources than they might like, would probably give me the best medical support that they could provide. Compare that to the city wankers who took everyone's pension pots and came very close to incinerating them, putting the financial institutions on life support (provided by the taxpayer).

Who's worth more?