11 October 2013

More about Milliband (Ralph).....

The Daily Mail's attempted character assassination of Ralph Milliband has caused others to consider some of the facts and the banner (above) is taken from 'Political Scrapbook'.

In the 1930's, many of the rich and famous in Britain thought that Hitler was quite sexy and Lord Rothermere, the Daily Mail's owner, seems to have been amongst that group. By comparison, a few years later, when Britain had been fighting for survival against Hitler's European territorial ambitions, Ralph Milliband was in the front line of the D-Day landings.

Today, I wonder what Ralph would have made of the sell-off of Royal Mail. I suspect that he would have opposed the sell-off in principle because the Royal Mail is, or was, an asset of the State, paid for over years by taxpayers. But if he was required to consider the sell-off itself, what would he have made of selling it off at less than 2/3rds of its 'value'. I suspect that he would have seen that as further evidence of the dominance of 'capital' over the interests of the voter/taxpayer.

And again, I'm sure that the Daily Mail will herald the sell-off of Royal Mail as a perfect example of untrammelled free-market capitalism in action. Evidence of a sort that the Daily Mail isn't really interested, as Ralph was, in the whole of Britain, but only in the interests of the rather smaller community of 'capital' and their rather particular and exclusive interests.