28 August 2013

Where's the good news?

So we're off to war again. This time its Syria. I never had any expectations of Cameron but I did hope that Obama would chart a course away from that set by his predecessor. But it seems that I will be disappointed.

The fact is that I don't know what is going on in Syria but it had already occurred to me that Assad's alleged use of Chemical Weapons looks completely mad. I couldn't imagine how it would serve his purpose in any way whatsoever, as this article explains.

At the same time, I'm reading 'Whoops!' by John Lanchester and pages 9-11 made me shiver, as did the co-incidental reference of the page numbers. How I miss the good old Soviet Union because then, at least, the 'enemy' seemed real. What we now have is a long parade of invented bogey-men, sheltered under the all-encompassing 'War on Terror' by our morally bankrupt leaders.

But maybe the defence industry just needs another real-world test of its latest products, making Syria just another marketing opportunity whilst, at the same time, maintaining the 'War on Terror' propaganda.

When's the next series of 'Glee'?