8 June 2012

Why are we waiting.....

Clearing my desk today, I came across a piece from the Western Gazette dated 26th April 2012. This covered the Muck and Brass challenge to ex-Somerton Town Councillors to provide the evidence which, they claimed, proved that they had done nothing wrong. The 'wrong-doing' that they challenge is the findings of the External Auditor in the Report in the Public Interest.

As a follow-up to the M&B challenge, I wrote to both Tony Canvin and Chris Edgar and offered them the chance to provide their explanations and the evidence to support their explanations, which contradict the findings of the External Auditor. I also offered them the opportunity to have the explanations and documents published here, on M&B.

Since publishing the advert in the Western, I have also phoned Tony Canvin on two occasions to see if he was able to meet with me in order to give his explanation of what went on and also to provide the documents which he has claimed are in his possession and which explain everything.

At the time of writing, I have heard nothing from either party and I wonder how long I should give it before I accept that Tony Canvin can't dispute the findings of the External Auditor.

Its also interesting to see that the gutless 'Old Guard' keep up their barrage of anonymous bullshit. Some weeks ago they contrived to deliver to me (but they delivered it to a neighbours house because they are so craven) a copy of another 2 page document which fully explained how much taxpayer's money they had spent. What they fail to explain is how they spent it lawfully and why they didn't bother to consult the residents of Somerton before they did so.

So, come on you gutless jerks, show your faces. Do something decent for a change and encourage Tony Canvin to meet with me and bring the documents he claims explain everything. I'll publish it here on Muck and Brass, even if it is a load of old tosh.

Till next time, I'm still Niall Connolly