30 June 2012

Somerton - Scam Central

Have a look at this link.

Yes, you have read this right. Tony Canvin delivered the Etsome Terrace site into the hands of his business associates, Edgar Homes, who paid the princely sum of the Tin Dunny and £129,000.

Today, the current owner (Edgar Homes?) is taking the site to the market and asking a cool £1,400,000.00p. The ad trumpets that the site has been "fully remediated" (paid for by Somerton's taxayers) and there is "no social housing" (which isn't a surpise). Does that mean that there is only anti-social housing?
muckandbrass muck and brass Etsome Terrace Somerton For Sale TA11 6LY

Recently, the architect of the deal, Tony Canvin, placed an ad in the Western Gazette where he apologised for saving someone £700,000.00p. Everyone thought that he was referring to Somerton's taxpayers.

Nice one Tony.

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