12 June 2012

Fear of the phone.....

Something is really bugging me - Tony Canvin won't take my calls anymore. Everyone knows that he put his ad in the Western, an ad that was dripping with what he claimed was sarcasm. But it would also seem that the ad was dripping with disingenuousness.

Tony and his Old Guard chums have claimed that the External Auditor's Report was variously flawed, inaccurate and generally a misrepresentation of the facts and Tony has claimed that he can prove it. Tony has gone further and has claimed that he has documentary evidence to support his contention that he did nothing wrong.

So I decided to call his bluff and invite him to share both his views and his 'evidence' with me in order that I might publish such 'evidence' as he claims to possess here, in the pages of M&B. I've written to him putting my invitation in writing and I've called him a few times to arrange a meeting.

I called him again today and there was no doubt in my own mind that, immediately I introduced myself, he slammed the phone down. I hung on the line and he picked the phone up and slammed it down 4 more times before I accepted that he just doesn't want to talk to me. I wonder why not? Sure, even I'd admit that we've never quite seen eye-to-eye but he has the prefect opportunity to show everyone where the External Auditor went wrong. So why won't he take the opportunity? Is he shy? I doubt it. Maybe the reason is that he's full of it. Maybe the sad fact is that he doesn't have anything to share with us. Maybe the sad fact is that he doesn't have any documentation to prove anything. Maybe he just can't face the fact that the External Auditor got it right with the 'abuse of public funds' and 'unlawful expenditure'.

But I'm a reasonable guy. I'm willing to give Tony every chance. So, if you are reading this, Tony, take my call. Lets get together and you can present the documents and make your explanations. I'm willing to give you that chance.

So, till next time, I'm still hangin' on the telephone.