1 April 2012

The truth is out there............

I have decided to break my silence and explain my actions here in Somerton. I am a member of an international group of numerologists, the Numerology Collective, and we work to achieve political change through the use of a system known as 'numerical asymmetry'. We assess the ability of a community to achieve change by numerical analysis of the place and all its characteristics.
Because of the huge level of public cynicism, we have found, over the years, that it is far better not to mention numerology. As a result we disguise ourselves as ordinary people and enter into a community quietly in order to go about our work whilst attracting as little attention as possible. I decided that a more transparent strategy, that of political activist, would distract the community whilst offering me the chance, under the guise of Freedom of Information enquiries, to examine town records for further proof of our theories.
Somerton was chosen as a project site because initial research suggested that there was an underlying 'primal thread' within the community which might, if encouraged, lead to what we refer to as 'External Transmutation' or ET.
I ran into a huge and unplanned problem in Somerton (reduced to 2, characteristic - Receptive) on 27th October 2009 (reduced to 8, characteristic Power or Sacrifice), when 12 (reduced to 3, characteristic - Self expression) members of Somerton Town Council (reduced to 4, characteristic - Creation) resigned during a meeting at the Tin Dunny (reduced to 4, characteristic - Creation). This was the first and best confirmation that our numerical analysis of Somerton, its community and people, indicated that Somerton could be a 'seed' or 'prime' community.  Analysis of the names of those resigning, all 12 names reduce to 8 whose characteristic is Power or Sacrifice, shows that those individuals were guided by a higher power, acting upon their subconscious.
Wherever I looked in Somerton, the analysis was quite consistent. Somerton was absolutely bursting with what we refer to as 'Change Energy' or CE for short. Quite early on I recognised the Lady Smith Memorial Hall (reduced to 5, characteristic - Action) as a place of 'transition' or 'Change Initiation', a characteristic which was confirmed by the events that took place there.
The formal analysis and initiation project in Somerton is now coming to an end but it has also brought us to a beginning. Somerton has an important legacy which we hope will be the start of something far bigger.
Through analysis of the data collected here in Somerton, the Numerology Collective, hope to create a matrix against which other UK locations can be analysed to assess their suitability for change. What Somerton has shown is that by simple manipulation of the numerical data, unbelievable power can be released at a truly primal level where the actions of individuals represent their truest nature. Through that expression of truth, so comes change and that change is not temporary but ongoing.
We at the Numerology Collective believe that Somerton may become the very core of a revolution here in England, a mechanism which only needs to be wound up by the celestial clocksmith to tell us when our time has come.
Till next time, I'm still Niall Connolly (reduced to 5, characteristic - the constructive use of freedom)
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