19 April 2012

Sarcasm gets in the way.....

This week's Western Gazette carries three pieces on the on-going Somerton Saga (see 'Press Coverage' on the side bar to the right) and Tony Canvin's contribution confuses more than it clarifies. Setting the sarcasm to one side, he makes claims that are quite incredible. He claims that he and Keenan 'saved Somerton £700,000'. How? Where? When?

Tony focusses on the Tin Dunny, continually seeking to justify it and completely ignores what was offered by the whole of the Etsome Terrace site had that potential been exploited. That is explained in the section titled Etsome Terrace 2002 - 2008 on the sidebar to the right. That explanation, based upon public documents, shows that Etsome Terrace had far greater potential to address Somerton's needs than simply  being carved up, in a kack-handed manner, and sold off to a local builder.

Etsome Terrace was originally envisaged as providing a community hall and housing, both on the same site (See the Paul Dadson plans). It wouldn't have taken much imagination to replace the housing with a health centre and Somerton would have achieved both ambitions close to the centre of town and probably with very little controversy. But that never happened and it is possible, based upon his claims in the Western Gazette, that Tony can explain the process, something that I intend to give him the chance to do.

Till next time, I'm still Niall Connolly