14 April 2012

Recall of M&B Bullshit Detector Mk1

MuckandBrass Products Inc have announced the urgent recall of all Bullshit Detector Mk1s produced between 28th November 2006 and the date of this announcement. This recall covers Bullshit Detectors with serial no's between #00001 and #00265 inclusively.
          MuckandBrass Products have long prided themselves in producing bullshit detectors to the highest engineering standards. However, a recent field test has indicated that, in specific circumstances, the bullshit override cut-out can malfunction causing a catastrophic failure.
          A purchaser drew the Company's attention to this possible weakness when they sent some written material to Muck&Brass Products for specialist analysis. The material in question was a photocopied document titled 'An Appeal to Reason' and found in Somerton, Somerset.
          MuckandBrass Products undertook a field test using their mobile laboratory to establish the level of bullshit in the written material. Using a specially constructed gantry, trained specialists lowered the Bullshit Detector Mk1 onto the written material and, when the probes made contact, the Bullshit Detector sounded its overload warning. Before the test could be stopped, the detector exploded, destroying both itself and the mobile laboratory facility (see image below).
          Extensive tests with other copies of the suspect material have confirmed that it has the highest bullshit content ever measured by Muck&Brass Products. The most serious concern that this raises regards Health & Safety should material like 'An Appeal to Reason' be stored in a confined space. The embodied methane contained within the bullshit itself can be highly dangerous and could spontaneously combust. (Muck&Brass Products advise any member of the public finding a copy of 'An Appeal to Reason' to place the material in a bucket of water and call the authorities.)
          Muck&Brass Products will replace all Bullshit Detector Mk1s with a newer version which has: a significantly strengthened bullshit overload circuit; a highly sensitive proximity warning sounder and includes a code 6 lead shield which, in the event that the proximity warning sounds, can be lowered over the receptor circuitry to protect against damage. This improved version, designated 'Old Guard', will be provided to all previous purchasers, free of charge.
          Muck&Brass Products apologises for any inconvenience that this recall may cause to its loyal customers and wishes to restate its commitment to continual product improvement. Please do not hesitate to forward any suspect material to Muck&Brass Products for analysis.