3 February 2012

Another enquiry....

Its interesting to compare the responses to Freedom of Information enquiries from different organisations. At present, South Somerset District Council are making something of a meal of my own enquiries regarding complaints lodged against councillors of the current Somerton Town Council. (SSDC didn't make the same meal of a similar enquiry from Mr Rodney Briggs in 2010 - but Rodney represents Somerton's Old Guard so he obviously gets special treatment.)

Compare my enquiry of SSDC to an enquiry I have recently made of the Audit Commission. That enquiry is quite extensive and is made of an organisation which is being wound up (thanks to that great localist Mr Pickles) and therefore short-staffed. Within 24 hours I received a very precise acknowledgement informing me that I can expect the required information within the statutory period (20 working days).

How refreshing.

Till next FoI, I'm still Niall Connolly