12 November 2011

Do as I say............

News has arrived with me that Mr A H Canvin, ex-Vice Chair of Somerton Town Council, has undergone something of an epiphany regarding access to public documents. Those residents of Somerton who have followed the various cavortings of the Keenan/Canvin administration (which self-imolated in October 2009) will remember that it was that administration's refusal to grant access to public documents which led to my lodging an objection to Somerton Town Council's accounts. Under the leadership of Keenan & Canvin, Somerton Town Council obstructed requests for access and refused to release Public Documents requested under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.
Now it seems that the erstwhile Mr Canvin has himself started to to use the Freedom of Information Act to request information from Somerton Town Council. It also comes as no surprise to find that Mr Canvin would seem to be fishing for information about none other than Niall Connolly.
At present I am awaiting confirmation from Somerton's Town Clerk, Mr Rodger Calderwood, of any FoI requests made of Somerton Town Council which refer to myself, information which the Council is obliged to supply. As yet, that information is not forthcoming.
I can only say that it paints a strange picture when Mr Canvin, Vice-Chair of a Council which wilfully obstructed legitimate enquiries, now seeks to use exactly the same legislation himself and expects that he will be given the access that he and his Council denied.
Till next time, I'm still Niall Connolly