19 March 2011

Lets's do a swap.........

Swapping things seems to be the way that its done in Somerton (look at the Tin Dunny and Etsome Terrace) and another fine example came to my attention yesterday when I was looking through the SSDC files relating to the Unicorn car park. Back in 2000 SSDC were trying to co-ordinate the development of the Brunel/Cox's Yard/Unicorn car park and it seems that 'key' to the development was a garage that stood to the south of the Doctor's Surgery and owned by Mr H E Keenan. Why this garage should have been quite so 'key' is lost on me but it was seen that way and, as a result, SSDC swapped a barn (part of the Unicorn title) at the back of West St for Mr Keenan's garage.

The swap was 'blessed' by the District Valuer (part of the Valuation Office and an executive arm of HM Customs & Revenue) who proposed that the garage and the barn were of equivalent value and, as such, could simply be exchanged, one for the other. Thankfully I have never had to use the DV's services and, based on that example, I'd avoid them at all costs.

Some of the documents relating to the exchange are reproduced below and they make interesting reading, especially the bit where Mr Keenan is threatening to sell his garage to someone else. Obviously the threat was enough to get SSDC quaking in their boots.

Till next exchange, I'm still Niall Connolly