1 February 2011

Over the last months Somerton has been in receipt of some interesting and anonymous literature and the most recent effort was shown to me this morning. Its a rather deceitful document and the timing of its publication is worthy of comment. 

Somerton Town Council is beginning to discuss the future of Edgar's Hall (aka the Tin Dunny) and part of that discussion will, inevitably, cover the issue of whether the town should keep it or sell it. Hopefully, this is a decision that will be put to the community in some sort of referendum and that, in itself, will stand in stark contrast to the shabby manner in which the old Town Council nodded the deal through without any reference to the community.

However, were the Town to vote and vote in favour of selling the Tin Dunny, a new and more interesting problem would arise. Selling the Tin Dunny would reveal its market value and quite a few people, notably the old Town Council, would have something of an interest in how much the Town could get for the Tin Dunny. Anything less than the Keenan & Canvin administration's valuation of £1.3million would leave a few people with egg on their faces.

So its no wonder that this sad little document scuttles into the daylight at this juncture. Its just a pity that the authors of the document don't have the courage to put their names to it. But that's the old guard for you. Gutless to the last.

Till next time, I'm still Niall Connolly