5 February 2011

A moment of contemplation......

The LibDems have just delivered their latest comic and the front page caught my eye. A very fine photograph of Cllr Pauline Clarke looking wistfully over a wall at Northfields, the site of a possible large scale housing development in Somerton. But it wasn't the thoughtful pose that attracted my attention, it was the caption. Maybe Cllr Clarke has turned over a new leaf since her shabby promotion of the Canvin scheme at Badger's Cross.

On the back of the same comic was a piece featuring Cllr 'Dave' Harrison holding the door open at the Tin Dunny. In the piece, 'Dave' explains that Somerton had difficulty in finding a site for the hall and I find that a very curious statement. Somerton did own the Etsome Terrace site which was bought specifically as the site for a Community Hall. But instead of building a hall at Etsome, the Keenan/Canvin administration, which included 'Dave', managed to flog the site off and buy the Tin Dunny instead. Nice one 'Dave'.

Till next time, I'm still Niall Connolly